A photo session normally takes approximately 1-2 hours. For outdoor photo shoots, I have a few favourite locations, but you are welcome to suggest a location if you have something specific in mind! Especially if you know about a field with lovely flowers that are in bloom, or an old ruin , or some other interesting place, please let me know.

During the photo session I will guide you to ensure you get the best photos while being relaxed and having fun. 

Whether for adults or children, props can be a great inspiration for the direction your session takes.

Musical instruments, technology devices, a guitar amp, hats, your high heels for your little girl. Let your imagination flow and bring whatever you want, however large or small. Sometimes, the most bizarre things can really be great.

For studio sessions, I do recommend you bring a basket full of toys for young kids and babies. It helps to keep the kids interested in the photo session and makes for great photos.

When choosing clothing and colours for your photos with me, think about the end result you’re aiming for by having your photos taken by a professional photographer.

Is it to have a large canvas on the wall above the sofa? A series of small canvases leading up the stairs? Will your prints be framed in black? Consider the style of your home when choosing the wardrobe to be used in your shoot.

The goal is to create beautiful art which will really fit in your home. You will be grateful if your new artwork looks like it really fits in the space you have placed it.

  • When choosing your wardrobe for a studio session with me, do keep in mind that the background for my studio photos is white. Bright colours work very well against the white background.


  1. Make sure your hair is looking its best!  If your hair looks good, you will feel good!
  2. Do wear make-up as this will really make a difference to your photo’s. Colour those lips! It will give your confidence a boost, and as a result you will feel great and look great!!
  3. Dress in clothing that does not have big bold patterns as this may be distracting on your photos.
  4. Dress your children in clothing they love and are comfortable in. If they are comfortable they are much more likely to be happy and full of smiles during the photo session. Avoid clothes with characters on …Your boy in his spider-man outfit might not look so nice in a canvas on your wall above the sofa ;-)) If spider-man is all that your boy wants to wear, some new clothes might just be a winner as they are usually very happy to wear something new.
  5. Think about shoes. They will be showing in some of the shots, so put some thought into them as a part of your wardrobe.
  6. Keep hair down (if possible) and add some accessories. A little accessory for children can really make a difference to your photos. Hair things on little girls are especially lovely. Put in a hair band, a bow, a flower, a woven ring of daisies or a really pretty hat. Woolly hats and scarves are great for young children and babies.
  7. Mix and match. Even if it is something that you wouldn’t normally wear together. Lots of different layers are always interesting to look at and can be stripped off as the session progresses to have a different look all together. … scarves, jackets, pull overs, hair accessories, interesting pieces of jewellery, different textures…
  8. Look for something interesting and special. Tutus are adorable on little girls, no matter the age. Woolly hats, scarves, head bands (stretchy or normal, especially with flowers on). Frilly pants over the nappy for babies are adorable.
  9. A beautiful dress on a women or little girl always looks great and can give great movement in your photos. • Be yourself… and wear something that you are comfortable in.
  10. Bring more than one outfit. It keeps the photos interesting. 🙂
I normally choose to have my photo sessions during the ‘golden hour’. This is late afternoon, or early morning, and is the best time of day for photos as the light from the sun is much softer.

Studio sessions can be scheduled any time of the day. For newborn or older babies it is however best to schedule those sessions in the morning around 9 or 10 °clock after a feed.

If you are expecting, the best time to have your bump photos taken is any time from week 34 in your pregnancy.

Newborn photos should be taken from about day 5 – 10 after birth.

For outdoor photo sessions, the weather is always something to take into consideration. If the weather doesn’t play along on the day of your outdoor photo session, we can reschedule your photo session to another available time, or alternatively do your photo session in my studio.

My photography packages start from R950 for an hour session and includes the digital files.

A 50% deposit will secure your booking for your photo session. The balance is payable before your photo session. Any products, like canvasses, prints or photo-books ordered like canvasses or photo-books , payment will be required before your order can be processed.

Payments can be made via eft or in cash.

You can expect to receive your digital images 2 weeks after the photo session. Other products ordered normally takes about 7-10 working days from the day that they’ve been ordered.