About me

About Alida van der Walt : Photographer

“I love photographing people!  From running around after two year old’s to the intimate moments between two people who love and adore each other.  I just love the feel of a newborn baby’s skin, the whit of a three year old who think they can concur the world, or the shy toothless six year old with pigtails and freckles.

Being a mother of two precious kids taught me to really connect with children… to truly capture their unique personalities on camera, and most importantly to know how to get them to relax and have some fun!

Every person is unique and special, and through my camera lens you will see just how unique and special you and your loved ones are.  Every true moment captured is a reminder to me of why I fell in love with photography in the first place.  And for every special image captured I thank God for it is He who gave me this gift.  

My style is relaxed and focuses on who you are. I capture genuine emotion! Love … joy … romance … just having fun and being yourself! You will feel at ease during your photo session and will have fun! Your photos will celebrate everything about you and the people who you love the most.  Stop waiting for the perfect day, the perfect moment, take the moment today and make it perfect…Book your photo session today to save your memories  .” Alida

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